Through hard research and experience within the hotel industry we have gauged that there is a need for a hospitality product in the Indian market that is very different from what’s out there already. We are talking about millennials and guests who are looking for a fuss-free hotel, that is updated not only with the ethos of 21st century hoteliering but is also contemporary and cool in its outlook. Thus began our journey to create a brand that serves the new Indian guest, someone who is worldly-wise and trendy, a frequent traveller who is conscious about pricing and quality and extremely opinionated when it comes to the brands he or she patronizes. Our efforts resulted in Raghuvanshi Hotels, a revolutionary hotel concept that offers guests an unparalleled service coupled with a cutting edge product that is at par with leading international standards of ‘chic-ness’.

In many ways Raghuvanshi Hospitality is the perfect amalgamation of the old with the new, keeping in mind the Raghuvanshi Hospitality of its founders. Representing the old values of hoteliering with the enthusiasm of modern service standards, at Raghuvanshi Hospitality we believe that guests should not have to choose between Business and Luxury, but get the best of both worlds. With this as one of our founding principles we concluded that one of the things every guest wants in a hotel is the feeling of comfort, therefore our strong emphasis on ‘wellness,’ something that translates into every sphere of the Raghuvanshi Hospitality experience.

Raghuvanshi Hospitality is a boutique consultancy firm that offers tailor-made solutions to hotel owners, Raghuvanshi Hospitality chains and potential investors looking to get expert advice on current assets and future projects. Helmed by Ashwini Kumar Singh, the firm stands apart from other hospitality consultants by bringing into play Singh’s long-standing experience of over two decades. With strong emphasis on personal, specialised attention, Raghuvanshi Hospitality is a one-stop-shop for hospitality expertise ranging from Raghuvanshi Hospitality, Hotel projects, architecture and interior design, housekeeping, security, engineering and maintenance, learning and development as well as general consultancy and concepts.

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